Photonics Agenda launched

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Photonics, A Key Enabling Technology for Sweden For the first time, a common strategic research and innovation agenda has been developed by the Swedish photonics community. This is the result of a 2 years work involving a hundred experts throughout the country and supported by the European Commission and by VINNOVA. To make photonics more visible in Sweden and show its large potential is a strong urgency. A lot happens worldwide and Sweden should be a highly active actor and significant beneficiary of the strong expected growth of photonics. Photonics is a transboundary enabler within many fields, not the least for Swedish areas of strengths such as telecoms, automation, security and medicine. Today, the Swedish photonics community consists of about 150 high tech companies with over 6000 employees, and many research groups all around the country. The vision of PhotonicSweden is that, in 2030, the growing Swedish photonics community will be a vigorous and dynamic part of companies and institutions that are key enablers to a sustainable, expanding and profitable Swedish industry based on research and innovation. Our objectives and proposed actions are grouped along six main areas: increased visibility, enhanced collaboration, intensified and structured networking, ensured skills supply, promoted technology transfers, and sustained excellence in research, innovation and management. In addition to the telecoms where Sweden already holds a strong position, three areas of the Swedish photonics are especially promising: biophotonics, automation and green photonics. Please download the short version of the agenda: Please download the long version of the agenda: