Biophotonics in Europe and Sweden: from OASIS to ÉPRISE

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The EU project OASIS, Open the Access to Life Science Facilities for SMEs, has been ended before summer this year. A new project entitled ÉPRISE, Empowering Photonics through Regional Innovation Strategies in Europe, will start end of this year or beginning of 2017. ÉPRISE involves 7 members of the OASIS consortium, incuding PhotonicSweden, and 2 new partners, the Centre for Process Innovation (UK) and Photonics Finland.  OASIS has a nice database of companies and life science facilities in Europe: You find below some documents interesting for a large audience:

  • All national biophotonics brochures from the 7 countries involved in the project.
  • List and mapping of Life Science facilities (deliverable D2.3)
  • List and mapping of biophotonics SMEs (deliverable D3.1)
  • Analysis of the SMEs mapping (deliverable D3.3)
  • Services from Photonics Clusters (deliverable D4.5)
  • Reports on technical meetings and workshops (deliverable D5.3)
  • Exploitation of results (Deliverable D6.3)
  • Best of the OASIS project (Smart Book and deliverable D6.5)