Activities of PhotonicSweden

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Photonic Sweden will carry out the following activities.

1. Provide a national strategy

PhotonicSweden wants to inventory the present status and define a strategy for the research
and for the industry in different main areas. This will be based on the work of so-called
Strategy Work Groups (SWGs),  corresponding approximately to the working groups of the
European Technology Platform Photonics21. The research strategy will be used as an input
to the research financing organisations. The industry strategy will be used as an input to
the government.

2. Communicate needs

As described above, the strategy will be communicated to the research financers and to the
government. To realise this in an efficient manner PhotonicSweden will establish proper contacts
at the highest levels.

3. Increase participation in EU-projects

To participate in the EU Framework Programmes is a complicated matter. Most photonics companies
in Sweden are small and lack resources to efficiently deal with this. Many of them just decide
not to even try since the burden  appears too big. PhotonicSweden has strong links to
Photonics21 and the Photonics Unit at the European Commission. Also, through our cooperation
with the European Technology Platform Photonics21 we will get access to new tools and to
insider information. PhotonicSweden can help companies and R&D organisations to orient
themselves in the different Calls for proposals and help them to find the right partners,
elaborate proposals and lobby.

4. Market the Swedish Optics & Photonics

This activity includes the joint participation to exhibitions or the organisation of delegation
visits (outside Europe or to regions with corresponding National platform or regional cluster).
It also includes the "marketing" of optical and photonic technologies to the public
through the publication of articles in the specialised and general press.

5. Support entrepreneurs

There is a large amount of help that entrepreneurs can get from different support organisations
(e.g. Nyföretagarcentrum). There are some specificities related to the photonic field. PhotonicSweden
will gather a lot of knowledge from the experiences of its member companies (most of them
are start-ups) and will be able to orient or connect entrepreneurs willing to start a new
business in our field.

6. Stimulate and organise networking

The Swedish Optical Society and Swedoptronics have so far jointly organised so-called optopubs
and conferences. PhotonicSweden will take over the practical organisation of these events.
Optopubs are 1-hour seminars, usually with 2 presentations, organised during the spring and
the fall the last Thursday of each month. The seminar is followed with a simple dinner,
an excellent occasion for fruitful exchanges. A conference is organised every year during
the fall in different parts of Sweden. We have had recently conferences in Göteborg, Stockholm,
Lund and Hudikksvall (on November 16-17, 2011). In the future, these conferences are expected
to attract a much broader audience.
PhotonicSweden intends to stimulate the networking by providing a searchable database of
researchers, companies and resources. PhotonicSweden will also participate in career fairs
to help companies and engineers to find each others.

7. Provide Education

Conferences and Optopubs are an important part of our offer in terms of education. PhotonicSweden
will organise courses for students or for employees in industry. The latter has been provided
so far by Swedoptronics.

8. Participation in the EU-project InnoPho21

The EU-project InnoPho21 was started on September 1, 2011, and will run during 3 years.The
coordinator is VDI in Germany the society for German engineers which is also administrating
the European technology platform Photonics21. The other partners are National platforms in
France, the UK, Spain, the Netherlands and Switzerland. The project will partly support the
building-up of our activities, e.g. lobbying and the development of a National strategic
research agenda. More importantly it is intending to develop common tools and best practices
in Europe and it will provide us a lot of extremely useful exchanges of experience.

9. Awards

Annually, Swedoptronics has been awarded the best optronic company of the year and the best
M.Sc student thesis PhotonicSweden will take over the responsibility for this activity.