Sponsring till pris för bästa examensarbete läsåret 2013/2014

SPONSRING AV PRISPENGAR 2014 BÄSTA EXJOBBSRAPPORT INOM OPTIK, OPTRONIK OCH FOTONIK PhotonicSweden inbjuder härmed till delsponsring av Priset för bästa examensarbete inom Optik, Optronik och Fotonik för läsåret 2013/2014.PhotonicSwedens styrelse har beslutat att priset skall finansieras genom att ett eller flera medlemsföretag sponsrar 1:a pristagaren med 6 000 kr som prispengar samt ev reseersättning med max 2 000 kr.

Optics & Photonics in Sweden 2014 (OPS)

Optics & Photonics in Sweden (OPS) 2014 will be held 11 - 12 November 2014 at Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg.




The registration for conference participation is at:

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OASIS EU project

The European project OASIS aims to improve the links between life science facilities and small and medium size entreprises (SMEs). Previous large investments in these facilities will be more accessible to SMEs, which will enhance their competitive advantage in new products development and validation in the field of biophotonics.OASIS is an EU project of the category Coordination and Support Action (CSA). It involved 9 Photonics Clusters (2 national platforms and 7 regional clusters) from 7 countries.

Swedish government invests in smart electronics and photonics systems

To say it in a nutshell: electronic and photonic components and systems can be found everywhere today, from a pedometer to a hydroelectric power station, and it grows in importance from an economic perspective.  Swedish electronics and photonics components and systems are important as export products and as well as enablers for industrial growth and a sustainable development of society. Energy sufficiency, wireless communication, advanced measurement instruments and energy saving production are just a few examples.

Horizon2020 Official documents Draft work programmes 2014-2015

Photonics Agenda launched

Photonics, A Key Enabling Technology for Sweden For the first time, a common strategic research and innovation agenda has been developed by the Swedish photonics community. This is the result of a 2 years work involving a hundred experts throughout the country and supported by the European Commission and by VINNOVA. To make photonics more visible in Sweden and show its large potential is a strong urgency. A lot happens worldwide and Sweden should be a highly active actor and significant beneficiary of the strong expected growth of photonics.

SMETHODS – SMEs Training and Hands-on Practice in Optical Design and Simulation:

SMETHODS – SMEs Training and Hands-on Practice in Optical Design and Simulation:

International Year of Light in 2015

UNESCO Executive Board supports International Year of Light in 2015

What is Photonics?

1.        A Day Without Photonics: A modern horror story


Activities of PhotonicSweden

PhotonicSweden activities include providing a National Strategy in Photonics, stimulate networking in the area, and to market Swedish optics and photonics.

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